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A weight management program and a comprehensive nutritional plan that controls hunger, enhances the burning of body fat and teaches you how to enjoy healthy eating. The program combines a ketogenic nutritional plan, supplements, Turbo Collagen Treatments, and exercise. These elements work together to provide increased energy and safe, effective weight loss. Our goal is to give you the resources and tools required not only to reach a healthy weight but to maintain it.

Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Our individualized weight loss program teaches a wellness lifestyle to help you keep the weight off. You will incorporate what you learn in the weight loss phase and be provided with an after program to maintain your long-term goals.

Our Hi Protein bars, shakes, soups and more are used not only during the initial weight loss period, but are continually available to aid you in maintaining your optimal weight.

Your initial evaluation includes a detailed program overview, weight and BMI, and a program specifically designed toward your lifestyle and needs.

You will come in on a one-three time a week basis to receive you Turbo Collagen Treatments. Your weight will be taken each appointment and your measurments will be taken weekly.

Wouldn’t you like to  lose  15-20 lbs this month.

With The Body Wrap Clinic weight loss plan you’ll see results—and you’ll see them quickly. We combine your weight loss program with a complete outer body makeover. We find that by focusing on the outside as well as inside your confidence boosts, you feel better, your losing inches in the right areas first and dropping sizes a little more rapidly than you normally would. Not to mention the inch loss, skin tightening, firming, detoxing, and relaxation you get from the body wraps. You’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago. Don’t worry, we have your back, your reading this, now aren’t you?

Get on the path to a healthy lifestyle with this easy-to-follow program. Our program can help you achieve healthy weight loss and maintain it. This is a 8 week program

Depending on the program you choose it will include all the core basics you will  need for weight Loss, you will receive all of the following:

  • 6-18 Weeks Supply of  L-Phen Complex provides essential Amino Acids that help suppress your appetite.


  • 6-18 Weeks Supply of  Aquatrol Water Release. Are you looking for a natural way to promote a healthy water balance and lose weight? When taken on a consistently, Zhou Nutrition's Water Away is formulated to help you maintain a proper bodily fluid balance.


  • 6-18 Weeks Supply of  B-12 Metabolism Booster-Excess fat beware! -B12 complex is an amazing metabolism booster giving your body the edge in losing those stubborn pounds. The b12 advantage - not only are our sublingual perfect to get your body moving, but vitamin b12 plays a crucial role in cellular reproduction. It's an excellent supplement to help give you radiant skin, shimmering hair, and beautiful strong nails! who knew enlivened vitality came with beauty benefits.


  • 6-18 Turbo Collagen Treatment


  • 6-18 Weeks Keto maintenance


  • 6-18 Weeks Menu/Nutrition food and food ingredient plan  

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