Our Body Wrap and Weight Loss Programs are comprehensive and simple to follow. We offer a variety of different programs to meet your individual needs. Our variety of programs and services include Firmasculpt, Infrared, Body Wraps, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Body Contouring, Pain Management, and Weight Loss/Maintenance Programs. We also offer Combo Packages of Firmasculpt, Body Wraps, Infrared Treatments, Turbo Treatments, and Weight Loss Programs to achieve full body inch loss, weight loss, and body contouring simultaneously.


Our programs include simple aftercare instructions, and guidance on detox menus if needed during  the duration of your treatment program.

Our Weight Loss Programs use a combination of bariatric grade meal replacements, exercise guidance, appetite management, and dietary change to help you achieve your goals. Our friendly staff of experts get to know you as a person, focusing on guiding you throughout the program. 


Together, we empower you to change the way you think about yourself, your weight, your contours, your body—and provide you with the tools to manage. 

When you are ready to make your health a priority,  Call Us 714-521-1700 or book online by clicking the link above.