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5 Vinotherapy Turbo Treatments, 5 Vinotherapy  Face Masks

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4 Vinotherapy Turbo Treatments

4 Vinotherapy Face Masks


The Vinotherapy Turbo Treatment

A luxurious body treatment which promotes inch loss, accelerates weight loss, removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and helps fade age spots. The power of this treatment is found in the antioxidants within red grapes. According to research, grape polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds found in grapes, form a protective layer on the skin and stimulate the renewal of cells and collagen. Dr Fredric Brandt, best known as the king of Botox, suggests that concentrated levels of grape antioxidants can stop and even reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. Our Vinotherapy is a nourishing and fortifying body wraps that is great for dry, neglected skin! It starts with a warm blend of wine elements and hyaluronic acid which are sprayed over the entire body for hydration, increasing the body’s ability to absorb the natural ingredients and help with the restoration of moisture and radiance to the skin


The Vinotherapy Face Mask

Escape to the rose lined vineyards of Santa Barbara while your skin drinks in the benefits of this luxurious, moisturizing vinotherapy treatment. Rose is a natural emollient that hydrates, tones and calms redness. Red wine extract delivers a potent dose of age-fighting vitamins and antioxidants, including resveratrol & polyphenols. Discover the beauty of vineyard rose; it’s a vacation in a treatment.