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Calorie burning, fat reduction, pain relief, stress reduction, immunity builder, metabolism booster just to name a few.  Oh, and watch age spots, varicose veins, spider veins, and wrinkles become a thing of the past. No time to exercise daily, don't worry the Firmascult has you covered. Watch as your body repairs itself from the inside out. Immediate stressors and chronic stress are targeted as you relax in these incredible machines. Aside from all of these incredible benefits, white blood cell production is increased, aiding in strengthening the immune system, buffers are re-balanced promoting a more regular biorhythms and healthy sleep pattern. Problems like cellulite, excess fat, arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel are treated homeopathically with real observable results. On top of all of this the body is stimulated during treatment, which burns up to 1200 calories with each Firmascuplt session. 3X The results as the infrared and body wrap you will love it!

HOW IS IT DONE? This self applied treatment uses Triple the Inch Loss Firmaboost Turbo Serum soaked treatment bands that you simply apply to one of the problematic areas such as tummy, thighs, hips, and waist. Great thing is you choose the areas and rotate it each treatment!! Its Triple targeting inch loss will have you amazed beyond belief! No measuring, no weighing, just results from your clothing sizes decreasing! Available exclusively NOW at The Body Wrap Clinic.

The Body Wrap Clinic  takes pride in offering a "NEW" variety of automated services and quality products that work together to achieve your beauty, wellness, and weight loss and inch loss goals. Whether you are looking for a full body transformation or more targeted results, The Body Wrap weight loss and Inch Loss automated treatments provide everything you need for maximum results.