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Body Wrap Membership

 Memberships ARE Here!!                                                      

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of every type of service we offer, such as Body Wraps, Infrareds, Turbo Treatments, Face Treatments, LED Light Treatments and more! Memberships include all of our products and services…… yes, all this all year long! Feel renewed and refreshed again and again, at a great low monthly rate - and single membership low rates for as many additional treatments as you would like!

With 4 Memberships to choose from, there is a Memberships fit everyone's needs and budget! Memberships start at $89 and up! Each Membership comes with free treatments you can use every month. We do roll over unused treatments to the following month, some terms and conditions apply.

 Because our memberships are in high demand, here’s what to do to get yours…

Watch your email only 25 Memberships every few months will be released. You will receive an invitation email letting you know of the day and time of membership releases. 

 Go on the site and check out the 4 different memberships and what each one includes. Then choose which one will fit your needs, click sign me up, fill out the application, billing, and membership type before the sold-out icon comes across the membership page. If you didn’t get your membership this time, don’t worry an announcement will be sent again soon.  

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