Welcome to The Body Wrap Clinic 

We offer 4 Differant types of Programs.

Weight Loss Programs for weight loss.

Body Wraps for inch loss, detox, and body contouring.

Infrared Treatments for weight loss, to help burn calories, and pain managment.

Combo Packages of Body Wraps, Infrared Treatments, Turbo Treatments and Weight Loss to achieve full body inch loss, weight loss, and body contouring.


Our Body Wrap and Weight Loss Programs are comprehensive and simple to follow. Our Weight Loss Programs have Integrating Consultant Supervision, Lifestyle Focus, Menus and One-on-One Coaching. So whether you need to simply Lose inches, firm up, detox, or lose weight and inches, we can find a program that's individualized to fit your needs. We offer several different types of Body Wrap Treatments, Weight Loss Programs and combo programs of Body Wraps and Weight Loss. 

Our Weight Loss Programs use a combination of bariatric grade meal replacements, exercise guidance, appetite management, and dietary change to help you achieve your goals. Our Body Wraps are for inch loss, detoxing, skin smoothing and firming. Our friendly staff of experts get to know you as a person, focusing on guiding you throughout the program. Together, we empower you to change the way you think about yourself, your weight, your contours, your body—and provide you with the tools to manage it. With several program options to fit your needs and budget, The Body Wrap Weight Loss Clinic offers the day-to-day support you need to become a new you. When you are ready to make your health a priority, call us 714-521-1700


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