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10 LED Light  Face Therapy Treatments

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LED Light Therapy

The gentlest of the light family, LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy was first discovered in the '70s when scientists at NASA found that plant growth flourished when exposed to it. Fast-forward a few decades and now light treatments are found just about everywhere you might go for a skin reboot.

But how does it work?  The LED lights stimulate certain sensors within the skin which boost cell activity and trigger the production of certain chemicals, The result is dependent on which color is used, but it can be everything from stimulating a healing response to destroying acne-causing bacteria or plumping fine lines.” 

There are myriad colors in the light spectrum but the two most popular are red, which has a calming effect on skin, reduces inflammation, and can help tackle rosacea, and blue, which destroys P.acnes, the bacteria that grow inside pores causing blemishes, making it a great choice for problem skin. Other colors include yellow, which is said to energize the skin’s outer layer and green, which treats pigmentation; It’s not unusual for different colored lights to be used together to tackle a variety of skin issues and in conjunction with other treatments, too, like our masks. 

The beauty of LED therapy is that it’s completely pain-free, making it an obvious precursor to heftier light treatments, and it’s suitable for everyone. LED lights are gentle, so they’re fine for compromised or young skin or for those on strong medications.  You do need several sessions quite close together to get the best results — we recommend at least four to eight sessions taken twice a week and monthly top-ups thereafter — although you do see a difference in radiance after just one. 



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