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Complete Mommy Makeover

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Mommy Makeover

So maybe you have been putting off cosmetic improvements because you are worried about surgery complications, or putting yourself in a situation of long after care requirements. Maybe you're worried about focusing on yourself or taking time away from your family, but each day you see the reminders of how hectic life can be and how the effects of child bearing, aging, or just not taking time to eat right and exercise has changed your body, health, looks and confidence. Remember, you can still be a mommy, wife, grandmother, sister, friend, and take time to tend to yourself. When you make yourself a priority, you are better able to take care of the ones you love.

There are a number of procedures that when combined can significantly reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and time all without downtime from surgeries. You can come in to the clinic, receive the treatments and be back at work looking fresh within less than an hour.

What are Turbo Collagen Treatments? - A treatment where the technology of Infrared is combined with the nature of Collagen Body Wraps. The Collagen solution contains an array of highly active Collagen concentrates and different ingredients that tone and tighten surface skin and boosts cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Each treatment promotes inch -loss, detoxifies, lifts and tones.

What should I expect? After the application of the Collagen Body Wrap solution and the treatment bandages are applied you are placed inside the Infrared Therapy Device. The heat therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry greater amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone, texture, and detoxification process. Relax and be ready to let yourself melt away with our Proprietary Turbo Collagen Technology. Each 30-minute, therapeutic treatment contours your body with Infrared heat, encouraging you to remove unwanted toxins. During the treatment, you simply relax and lounge in the subdue rising heat as your metabolism is coaxed to burn up to 650 calories per session, and your curves, contours, and definition begin to rematerialize. Each weekly treatment you are measured to determine your inch loss.  

The Mommy Makeover Package includes:

12 Turbo Collagen Treatments ($299 each single treatment without package purchase)

12 Firmasculpt ($299 each single treatment without package purchase)

12 Non-Surgical Face Lifts ($79 each single treatment without package purchase)

12 Collagen Face Masks ($79.00 each without package purchase)

1 Accelerating Inch Loss Cream ($69 each without package purchase)

1 Collagen Re-Firming Gel  ($65 each  without package purchase)

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As with any weight loss or health related program or treatment consult with your physician if you have any health conditions or are taking medications. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products or services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Inch Loss is based on all over the body measurements. Diet and exercise is always advised with any of our treatments l weight loss disclaimer page here.